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Since school started Ive begin to cut a lot..
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I began to cut earlier this year.. however i've been clean for two months!
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I think I need to see a professional.. I'm not me anymore.. Everyone seems to notice it.. 

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I realized that in the past year I started to grow away from, and shut people out... even family.. </3

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When  I was about 7 or so i went over this girl's house (she was 1-2years younger than me) and I asked where the bathroom was.  She went into the bathroom with me and stayed in there and made me stay in there when she went.. then she told me we had to do this thing that she had to put her tounge in my mouth n i had to to the same to her.. and she said if we didnt her one friend wouldnt be her friend anymore.. (i didnt know what this was at the time) i tried to leave the room but  she wouldnt let me so i had to do as i  was told. i've avoided her  every since.. i am scarred for life.. i was only 7 or 8... 

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I kissed a kid in kindergarden on a dare from one of my friends.. i regret it so muchh 

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