Status: Serena, love, i miss your beautiful face way too much. <3 RIP.
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Fck this.
I'm done.

Hello m' dears. It's Hailey. :)
I'm 18 & I'm loving it. (Well kinda.. it has it's ups and downs.)
You might wonder why my account is called
Well first off.. this account isn't mine..
Well now it is... but it wasn't before.
It used to be my sisters.
But she recently passed away from cancer.
She loved witty and wanted me to keep it for her. It was her run away from reality.
& now its also mine, I guess.
R.I.P Serena
I think I'm falling for this guy.
He's my boyfriend..
but he doesn't know it yet.
Ily Cam. <3
My two favorite people in this universe are:
Mason ( he was Serena's bf )
Amanda Lee


Lmaao, if you read through all that ^
you must have no lives. But no worries.
I don't either.
Ily guys.
Oh & enjoy the quotes. :)

Quotes by Serena_Forever_Love


Dear God,
Today I woke up.
I am healthy.
I am alive..

Thank You.


credit: confessions_of_a_cutter
I hate seeing all those pretty girls
with all the guys' attention and
knowing that I'll never be one of them.

Did you know
that when a person looks
ayou then lookdown, they are
absolutely crazy about you.


♥ i approached a kid
and asked:
"What's love?"
The kid answered,
"Love is when a puppy licks your face."

I laughed,
but then he added,
"Even after you left him
home all day."

nmf/nmq/ but i love it.

how when you fold a heart in half

&& it turns into a teardrop...

4 words I never want to hear 

• I don't love you
You're diagnosed with Cancer  
  I found someone else
  It was never real
  We need to talk
  You're going to die
Your ______ is dead
You can't have kids  
  I don't remember you
I've never loved you


After awhile,
You learn that you don't need anyone else to survive.
No one is ever going to always be there
no matter what they promise you.

You just gotta suck it up && accept it.

- Hey Arnold  


"You  loo pretty  today."
... Was I ugly yesterday?



Broccoli: I look like a tree.
Walnut:I look like a brain.
Mushroom: I look like an umbrella.
Banana: Dude?!
>> Change the topic!!!

Haha , get  it? :P