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I thinK I am Still in love with him!

Quotes by Shooting_Star*

DaddyGod, Please heal him.
He is sick...
Really sick!
Experiencing University life!
So far not bad.. :)
He told me,
"You're so cute and you sounds more cuter."
#Butterflies hahaa..
One moment she is everything to you,
Says that you can't live without her.
But again,
sometimes she is nothing to you!
You know that I miss you terribly right??
I prayed for you!
Is any wittian from Nagaland, India??? hahaa... :D
"You left me just when I needed you most."
Waiting for that person even though you already know that he will never come back again!
He was like, "I like everything about you, Isn't there anything that you like about me."

Okay he is nice but..but..but....