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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember �
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Jasmine Dominique is my name. And keep it out ya drama mouths.

18 years of age so HMU !!!(:
I'm a FLIRT so watch out. Ya girl might wanna keep you away from me.
I got a MAN, and he trust me. Even though your off me!
I live for my HATERS. They keep me rollin'.
I'm a down a** female. So WTF don't be shy. Just say HI.
I don't bite. I only nibble.
Hit me the f*ck up.
I'm Cute & I Know It.<3
Follow Me. I Follow Back.(:


Quotes by SexiJasmine12

“The truth hurts… That’s why people lie.”
“Being single sucks when you know what you want."
“Misery loves company.”
Pain is a terrible thing. Even if it is just a tooth ache. "/
I'm not skinny, I have curves. I cook & clean, I'm not hot, I'm not a 10, I'm not a prep, So for all you ppl who think it's fun to talk bout me, F*CK YOURSELVES! I'm tired of it all. U got something against me, tell me, don't whisper it. Have a good effin day!♥
You Lied.
I Cried.
We Died.
Qoute officially by: ME. Jasmine Powell
 I want a map like Dora.
So when i need help finding him, all i gotta do is say "map"
I cut my hair to about an inch.
& now the guy i like won't date me because of it :'(
Just my luck !!!
Means I Love You in Dinosaour. <3
Some of the stuff people say on here ..... Makes me cry :'(