Status: Hey there(: I'm Anh. I quote to express, not to impress.
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I have to admit,
I'm completely in love with you
Hey, I'm Anh (:
Single like a pringle.
I quote to express, not to impress.

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 Love is a word, until someone comes along and gives it a meaning ~ Emotionally: I'm done. Mentally: I'm drained. Spiritually: I feel dead. Phisically: I smile. ~ Don't tell me you miss me, when it's your fault I'm gone.

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cute dorky boys > hot stupid players
*age 5*
teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
me: a princess!

*age 10*
teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
me: an astronaut!

teacher: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
me: im pretty sure im gonna be a cat lady whether i like it or not.
crush adds me on Facebook: Feelin good
finds out crush has 8,000 friends: Feelin gone.

My life story between every hot guy i meet... 

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If you read my last quote.
I posted a picture of me & the homecoming King (:

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Hey guys.
Homecoming was yesterday.
I asked the King (senior) to slow dance with me (freshman).
People looked at me in a weird way, as if I wasn't good enough to dance with the king.
I don't care, at the end of the dance, he told me that it was very brave of me to ask him for a dance, and took a picture with me in front of everyone, just because I was THE freshman that asked him to dance. 

Best night ever. 


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When's the perfect age to lose my virginity?
My friend lost her at age ten... 

Comment an age.
I'm not doing this for popularity or anything like that.
I just want to know what people think...
Girl: Hey(;
She wants d!ck

Guy: Hey(;
We're getting married soon, I already named our kids.
I don't care if I get a thousand favs or just one,
I just hope that I made at least one person smile.