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Meeting you was fate,
Becoming your friend was choice,
Falling in love w*you I jadno control over <3

i thought it was cute

<33 aubrie
We broke up so long ago,you moved on,but me no..I still love you and I'm sitting here waiting to have you back to love once again.The pain sometimes in unbearable,its hurts so bad to see you with your new girlfriend.But its something I'll have to live with.Don't worry ,I'll be ok,sitting here waiting to have you back to love once again.

[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
Shut my windows and close my doors 'cuz my HEART won't be your RAGDOLL no more <l3

[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
It's not 'bout what you got, I know you got a lot
No matter what you do, you always get it hot, it's you
Baby all I want is you <333

I Love You Rich!!
[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
Ice is cool but I'm looking for more
Simple things is what my heart beats for
I don't ask for much, Having you is enough

Rich <3
[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
You told me you loved me and that nothing could ever tear us apart .. Well nothing might of not torn us apart .. But something did <l3

100% ORIGINAL - i thought it was cute <3

[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
So take your empty words
Your broken promises
And all the time you stole
Cause I am done with you

[xXoO] aubrie [OoXx]
Nothing last forever

^ No one likes to admit it but thats soo true

[XxOo] --aubrie-- [oOxX]
~ All Good Things Come To An End ~
To be hurt, To feel lost, To be left out in the dark, To be kicked when your down, To feel like youve pushed around, To be on the edge of breaking down, with no one there to save you, No you dont know what it's like,
-- Welcome to my lyfe --

Welcome to my life : Simple Plan

[XxOo] --aubrie-- [oOxX]