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Until I met you, I had no idea what it was like to look at someone and smile? for no reason at all (to my best guy friends devon,brad, and jacob and to my bestest friends in this whole wide world Melindie and Brittany I LOVE YOU ALL) (DNQ) i love hanging with my friends,talking on the phone, goin to the movies, goin to skool games and dances, skool (for friends only),

Quotes by ShOrTy07

You'll get what's coming to you ... Unless mailed
do u like my remix (when 1 of ur c.d's is skipping)
i love him yes i do
hes 4 me an not 4 u.
if u tey ta take my place i
ill be the first ta smash ur face
the hardest thing ill ever do is walk away notloving u
As I sit here all alone in my room,
I look up and see the pretty moon.
I try and picture myself up in the sky,
But in my heart i truely want to die.
As I try and ponder in my mind,
I think of you and I start to cry.

If I could leave this world,
For once i'd be a happy little girl.
This face you see, i cant hold back,
for it is the true me, and my heart a true black.
I trurely wish it were all a dream,
and that thing that are not are as they seem.
But then I rember, im just a little girl,
living in my imaginary world.
"You can't help who you love.
You're not supposed to, when
you love someone,
you love them."
beautiful girl smiles as she walks down the hall
this time she can't fake it hard enough to convince
everyone or anyone at all. deep down inside...all
secrets and lies...masked with sparkling eyes and
perfect makeup, but shes barely scraping by...
Nights are long, and dreams are cold if they're all you wake up to, but should you rise with crying eyes then I'll take care of you. - Dixie Chicks
And the wonder of it all is that you just don't realize how much I love you. - Eric Clapton