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I wanna send a message to him.. but i won't because he will find me boring, desperate or all those adjectives that may exist.


this is bullshit, i'll send him a message no matter what. lol

Human beings are always complaining about their lives, that they can’t even imagine what is to feel pain, real pain, what is being hurt so many times and always keep the broken pieces together, like a puzzle, like magic.

Everything has a time to happen: 'you can't make a baby born in 1 month just because you make 9 girls pregnant.' 

I don't say ' I love you ' to everyone so if i say that to you please make sure you care. 

I'm in love with a guy I've never seen before, with a guy who listens to my stuff, who doesn't want to see me sad, who doesn't want to hurt me. That guy who can stay awake all night talking to me, who smiles with me, who really cares about me. I love him with all the pieces of my heart, he proved me that I'm important in his life, that I'm the only girl who really matters. This guy is far away from me, miles away from my body, but my soul is with him, every little part of me is with him. He made so much things for me, he loves me for what I am, he trusts me more than anyone, he believe in me! How can I thank him for this? I always thought that distance-relationships doesn't work, and now I'm totally sure that he is the right guy. Never another guy made me feel this way, never anyone have made me so happy.
I now that I'm not getting any favs for this, but right now I'm so freaking in love that I want to share this with everyone, and remember.. There is always a guy/girl that loves you for what you are inside, don't be waiting, this person will appear in your life when you are not expecting.

                                         with love, Letícia.


3 things about me:

My name is "I"

My problem is "love"
My solution is "you


Shut  up   boy.
I wear high-heeled shoes higher than your dick.

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life's too short to go to the school five times a week.


follow for a follow  


If  y ou  reall y  kn ew  me

you would know that I'm not so strong behind my smile.

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