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August 28, 1992; that's my day.

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Relationships are inconvenient,
they don't happen when you have time for one,
they just happen.
You make time for that person even if it's only once or twice a week.
It's ok to be
relationships are scary.

But don't leave the person you know you want to be with because of how scared you are.

Here is the prologue for my story entitled "Simplicity"


    My parents died when I was 13, some freak animal accident while they were camping. The police never found their bodies. They just assumed that whatever animal it was that attacked them ended up eating them too. I never understood how they knew it was an animal attack if they never found my parent's bodies. For the past four years I've been living with my Aunt Emily, my father's sister. We weren't very close when I was forced to movie in with her. I tried to stay as far away from her as I could. After all, I was grieving. My aunt and I are closer now, less like an aunt, more like a sister. Emily married her husband when I was 6, and he died not too long after they were married. Emily and her husband were in love. They didn't get married because she wanted a big house and his money. When he died, Emily moved from their little brick house, to a large four bedroom five bathroom house. I guess she hoped to accommodate my friends when they stayed the night. I'm glad my aunt and I are close now, life has thrown a lot of twists at me, and I can only hope that things stay how they are... at least until I graduate.

**I am looking for someone, good at writing, who can help to edit my story maybe a chapter at a time. If you're interested let me know, and I'll ask for your email.**


I'm thinking that I'm going to start writing a small book. 150-250 pages maybe.
Here's just a llittle bit.
Let me know what you think.

Simplicity, Virginia was never anything special.
The people here never left, never did anything exciting, and everything was always the same.
Then everything changed junior year.
Falling so hard for someone was something I've never actually wanted to do, but I was drawn to him.
I couldn't get enough of him, and he was my other half in ever sense of the saying.

Reason number one why relationships never work:
They never start.
The two feel the same,
but never say anything to one another.

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For those of you who are following my story.
I recently made a story account.
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My story has been "Untitled" up until today
when I decided it would be called
"The Beat of My Heart".
I thank you guys for all your help.

The Beat of My Heart <3
Chapter Two; Part Fourteen


Later on, the nurse brought in a plate with a hamburger and steak fries for me to eat. The burger was so bland I felt like I was eating meat infused with sand, so I just ate the fries. Within two hours, about 3PM, Dr. Saldagosa came in to tell me that I could be discharged. The nurse came back in and took out my IV and gave me a bag that my parents had dropped off with an outfit in it. Jax walked in right as I finished putting on my hoodie.

    "Ready to go Babe?" He asked
    "Yea, but what house are we going to?"
    "Your parents, we don't exactly have much in our house."
    "Right, well I wasn't sure if you and my parents went and moved stuff in or not when I was out."
    "Babe, I can't really do much," he said lifting his broken arm.
    "Well, we mine-as-well go and look at some baby stuff," I said rubbing my stomach.

We walked down the hospital hallways and eventually made our way outside to the parking garage. I kept looking for Jax's car, but couldn't find his midnight blue Camaro anywhere. That's when I remembered the accident. When we finally found the rental car Jax had, it's was a red Chevy Cobalt. Definitely not a car Jax would pick out on his own.

The drive seemed pretty long to get to Meijer from the hospital. I had so much on my mind. Every time I've ever been pregnant, I can only get to four months before I miscarry, I hope that this time it's different. I've never told Jax about the two previous pregnancies, and now that he knows about this one, he would be devastated if something happened. My mom had five miscarriages before she had me. She's always wanted three kids, but after my sister she was told if she had another it would leave us all motherless. Secretly, I've always hoped my mom and dad would decide to try again. I mean I'm sure there's a way they can monitor the baby and my mom at the doctor appointments, and plus, I've always wanted a little brother.

When I finally got away from my thoughts, I realized that we were sitting in Meijer's parking lot.

    "How long have we been sitting here?" I turned to Jax.
    "About five minutes," he replied.
    "Oh. Sorry."
    "What were you thinking about Illy?"

I brought my hand to my stomach. I hope this works out, I thought to myself.

    "Baby shopping," I replied with a smile.

Jax opened his door and was around to my side and opening the door before I even had my seatbelt off.

Just a heads-up about my story...
I am still writing, I just don't know how to twist the story anymore.
Also, I've been thinking about making a new account
just for my story.

Comment with ideas for the story (how to twist the story, keeping it dramatic, long with any ideas you have on titles.)
I'd like to have a title before 2011 hits, and before I make a new account IF I decide to do that.

Later on, there will be a poll about what title I should choose, and if I get a lot of ideas about twists and turns for the story, there will be a poll about that as well.

Thanks girls!!!

Chapter Two Part Thirteen


Opening my eyes I saw Jax leaning his head against a wall. His arm was in a sling, and he looked like his world had just been shattered. Across from Jax were my parents holding hands and sitting uncomfortable looking plastic chairs.

    "Where am I? What happened? Jax," I said.
    "Illiana! You're up!" My mom said jumping to her feet.
    "Nurse!! She's up!" Jax yelled.
    "Oh my word, how do you feel Illy dear?" My dad asked.
    "Okay, first, you all need to stop yelling; I have a headache. Second, what am I doing in here? And third, other than this headache I feel fine," I said answering everything in order.
    "Illy, you're in Newport Bay Hospital. On the way back from signing the papers at the realtors office, we were side-swiped by a truck. The driver blew the stop sign. The police said he had to be going about 90 miles per hour. You've been asleep for six days," Jax finished saying as the nurse walked in.
    "Illiana can you tell me what day it is? You're been out for six days," she said shining a light in my eyes.
    "Uhh... Monday. I think."
    "How old are you and when is your birthday?" She asked.
    "18, and my birthday is July second. Can I have something for this headache?"
    "Your headache is from the concussion you're recouperating from, and I'll see if you can have anything."
    "Eiryn, can you get the ultrasound machine for me?" She asked to another nurse.
    "Ultrasound machine? For like, a baby?" I asked giving Jax a questioning look. Jax smiled.
    "Um, well, yes," she said while squirting gel onto my stomach.
    "Wait a second. I'm not pregnant!"
    "Actually Dear, you are. Six months to be exact," she said.
    "Can't be. I took a pregnancy test six days ago, and it--" I started to say just as I heard a heartbeat.
    "Do you want to know what it is?" She asked.
    "Sure. Hit me with it." Jax grabbed my hand.
    "Lets see here--" she said as she moved the wand around a little "-- Looks like you have a.... Boy. Congratulations."
    "That's our son Illy; Abel Wyaat Blackburn," he said with a smile.
    "Is he alright?" I asked the nurse.
    "Yes, he's perfectly fine," she said. Then, who I'm guessing is my doctor, walked in.
    "Illiana Dawson. I'm DR. Micheal Saldagosa, I'm just going to check you real fast, then lets see if we can get you home soon," he said.


He checked my vitals, made sure my pulse was fine and then said:

    "Illiana, you're fine. We'll get you something to eat and once you finish that we'll get you checked out," DR. Saldagosa said.

Chapter Two Part Twelve


A sigh of relief. Negative. Not pregnant. I must just be catching a cold from something, maybe it's allergies. After that experience I decided I should actually try and sleep, so I turned off the TV and bundled up under my covers and dozed off.

I felt the bed move, like someone had just sat down. I opened my eyes to see Jax leaning in to kiss me.

    "Jax, I'm up," I said before he could kiss me.
    "Oh, well that was easy," he said with a little confusion.
    "I felt you sit down," I said with a little laugh.
    "Oh, okay. So get ready, it's 2 and we should leave in about 10-15 minutes."
    "Okay. Is Dad here, or is he meeting us there?"
    "Meeting us. Now go get ready!"

I stood in front of my closet blankly for a minutes before I saw exactly what I wanted to wear. A flowy floral tank, light colored jeans, and gladiator gold sandals. Since it was supposed to be a little bit breezier than normal, I also grabbed a grey half sweater incase I get cold. After I got dressed I went to the bathroom to quickly brush my hair and my teeth.

    "Babe, come on! We have to leave like 5 minutes ago," Jax yelled into the bathroom.
    "Alright, let's go."

We didn't race to Jax's car like we normally do, I still wasn't feeling well. Somehow we got the the appointment five minutes before we needed to be there. Dad wasn't here yet. Someone else was in Lalane's office when we got to her door, so we sat outside of her door on a bench. We could hear Lalane and whoever's conversation from inside her office.

    "--Bills and everything go to me, correct?" the man was saying.
  "That's right. They can pay just the house, or the utilities. Whatever you're most comfortable with," that was Lalane.
    "Let's have them paying the utilities, and if they become backed up with paying, you can just take it from my card," the man said.
    "That can be arranged," Lalane told the man.

I had to stop listening, I was starting to get a headache so I rested my head on Jax's shoulder. I was out for about five minutes before Jax had to wake me up so we could talk to Lalane.

    "Illy, wake up," Jax said moving slightly.
    "Who was she in there with? It wasn't Dad was it?" I said looking around. My dad still wasn't here yet.
    "Uhh... It was just-- an older gentleman."

I stood up and Jax followed me into Lalane's office.

    "Heyy Jaxson and Illiana. All I need you two to do is sign at the bottom of these two papers where the 'X's are, then you can start moving in," Lalane told us.

I quickly sprawled my name out on the papers eager to go shopping for new things. Jax read over the papers before signing.

    "Shouldn't there be more papers?" I asked.
    "Nope, everything has already been taken care of," Lalane responded.
    "Oh. Alright," I said giving Jax a puzzled look. He just smiled.
    "Well, everything is situated, so you two can start moving in. Here are two sets of keys, and if you need anything don't hesitate to give me a call," Lalane said while holding out her hand.

We took the keys and then headed to Wal*Mart, but Wal*Mart wasn't where Jax and I ended up.

Chapter Two Part Eleven


There wasn't really much for any of us to do after that intense conversation with dad. Well, at least the part having to do with Blayne. Her and Aeidan didn't come down for dinner, so we all just left her alone. She's a lot like me when I get mad; it's best to just leave me alone so I can chill out on my own. Maybe it is best for Blayne to be put on house arrest or something, that way at least we'll always know where she is. Don't get me wrong, I love my sister because she is my sister, but I hate her because of all the trouble that she's caused here at home. Not only that, but maybe she should be home. She hasn't had family 'love' in a while.

Jax and I went to bed after dinner. Jax told Dad when the appointment to sign everything was, and Dad said that he'd make sure he had nothing going on. We woke up around 11:30 this morning, we both showered and then went downstairs to get something to eat. I decided to make french toast; four pieces for Jax and two for me. Jax had a banana and some OJ with his breakfast, and I had strawberries and grapes along with a water. Something felt weird about today, not in the sense that we were finally getting a house, but in the sense that I felt weird.

    "Illy, what's wrong, you're not eating as much french toast as you normally do?" Jax sounded concerned.
    "I don't know Jax. I just-- don't feel good today."
    "K. Babe it's only 12:35, go get some more sleep, and I'll wake you up before we have to go see Lalane."
    "Alright. Are you sure you'll be okay here with Blayne and what's-his-name running around the house?"
    "Yea Babe, plus, I think I'm gunna go and talk to my dad about everything. I haven't seen him in a few days."
    "Oh, okay. Well, I'll see you when you're back then. I love you," I said leaning in for a kiss.
    "I love you too. I'll see you soon," he said after kissing me back.

We hugged and then Jax left and I went upstairs to sleep. Maybe I wasn't feeling good because I was on my period. I walked over to the tv on top of my dresser that's by the window, and turned it on. 'I didn't know I was pregnant' is on and I decide to watch that. I watched about 15 minutes before I remember I had a left over pregnancy test from when Blayne, yes Blayne, thought she was pregnant. Walking into the bathroom I tried to remember where I hid it. "Taped behind the toilet," I said out-loud to myself. I grabbed it, opened it and then took the test. Those two minutes could possibly have been the slowest two minutes of my life. Ever. Hands down. I picked up the test and looked at it and then let out a sigh.