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Hey, its Shane.
Heres my story:
My parents died when i was bron in a car accident
My twin sister Emily commited suicide on 12/4/09
I found her in the bath tub
i have been in fosters home ever since
im living with amazing people now.
and right now my brother, Nick, is in a coma so pray for him.
thanks girls,


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Wanna know what? 
I'm dissapointed.
Because Witty is turning into Facebook.
We have the fake boys, just like fake facebook accounts.
We have the notifacations, just like Facebook.
We have the mean girls that write nasty comments, just like facebook.
We have the people that stereo types, just like facebook
We have the popular people, just like facebook.
I've had a witty account since i was 10.
And this website has changed so much, for the worse.
I remember logging on and seeing quotes that were original.
Not Jocked like most of these, or Facebook like pages.
But some girls on here are still Witty Believers.
The ones's that believe everyone on this website is Beautiful.
The ones with quotes they thought of THEIR selfs.
So all of you true Witty Sisters, you're beautiful, i love you my family.
And Steve, your an amazing person for bringing this website to life.
But some people have killed it, and brought it to its death. 

   Justin Bieber said he was having a baby 
Wiz Khalifa asked if it would be Black and Yellow
Enrique Iglesias said it was coming Tonight
Skylar Grey said that she's Coming Home to see the birth
Then David Cook said it was all just a Lie
So Bruno Marrs threw a Gernade a Justin
But Nelly woke up and said it was Just a Dream 

And I would rather
be loved by a fool
than be loved by you.


format ♥  ♥  

 Boy: Did you met my new girlfriend yet?
Girl: Oh,no.
*holds up mirror*
Boy: Here she is, isn't she beautiful?
Wipe your tears away, you are stronger than that.
Forget about him, he forgot so easily. Those memories are in the past, no need to dewl in them. Push to the future, you deserve so much more than that. Stop wondering were you went wrong, it wasn't you it was his mistake for letting you go.
Wipe your tears away, you are stronger than that.  


Here's to all those

girls who thought they weren't good enough, they are better

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♥ What if
You were born on 11/11/1 at 11:11?It would mean that  on your  11th birthday it would

Be on 11/11/11at11:11

Magical right?

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;*¸. '´¯)   Don't dewl in the past (¯`'.¸*  
keep on moving foward
Think about the future (¯`'.¸*  
but dont forget the past