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Hey you guys! 
I'm Shannon & I'm 12...
I'm addicted to witty, and come on whenever possible! 
I love my life at the moment, 
Thanks to my amazing friends, and 
my amazing boyfriend,
Lucas ♥ 

I love to read the quotes about
being happy in a relationship as well,
because I'm happy with my boyfriend, 
and these sad love quotes just make happy
people feel depressed I guess... 

Anyway, please follow? 
Thanks! :D 

Shan x

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Hey guys, I need a bit of advice. 

I hate my mums boyfriend. I am 12. Him and my mum have been going out for about 9 or 10 years and he walked into my life randomly when I was three. My dad left before I was born because him and my mum were only 19. When I was 8, my dad sent me a boy birthday card signed, Danny, not even dad. Ever since, I have wanted nothing to do with him, but I can't help but to wander what he is like. If he has any other kids. If he wants to see me.

My mums boyfriend tries to act like my dad, and I don't like it. He bosses me about, tells me what to do, and tells me what I can and can't do. I HATE HIM! I only pretend to like him to get money out of him! He is one of the reasons that I used to self-harm. I just want him to f*ck off and get out of my life. I have never liked him and probably never will. 

When him and my mum got together, she never asked me how I felt about it. I want to see my dad, and want my mums boyfriend to get out of my life, but don't know what to do?! HELP someone please!
When Boys...
Put you first

To be old&wise...
You must first be young&stupid

That's the idea of YOLO

 To be irreplaceable,
You've got to be



When Boys...
Are good with kids 

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When Boys...
are sensitive towards you ♥


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When Boys...

are protective of you ♥


  It's beter to do something
Than to do nothing 

When Boys...
Make you feel like you're the only girl in the world

FormatCredit: Randomequests
QuoteCredit: @WhennBoys twitter
Time started: 3:48
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 23rd
Siblings: 2
Eye color: Green
Shoe size: 3
Height: Don't know..
What are you wearing: PJ's 
Where do you live: England
Righty or lefty: Righty
Who are your closest friends: Pammy&Emily
Best place for a date? Cinema
Fave Color?: Black
Fave Number: 23
Fave Boys Name: Lucas
Fave Girls Name:  Lindsay
Fave Sport: None
Fave Month: March
Fave movie: Twilight
Juice: Orange/Apple
Breakfast food: Pancakes/Toast
Favorite cartoon character: Spongebob

Given anyone a bath: Baby bro's
Smoked: No
Made yourself throw-up: No
Gone skinny dipping: No
Eaten a dog: No
Put your tongue on a frozen pole?: No
Loved someone so much it made you cry?: Yes!
Broken a bone?: No
Played truth or dare: Yes!
Been in a physical fight: Yes
Been in a police car: Nope
Been on a plane: Nope
Come close to dying: Kinda...
Been in a hot tub: No
Cried when someone died: Yes
Fell off your chair: Yes
Wait for someone's phone call all night: Yes
Saved AIM/Yahoo conversations: No
Saved e-mails: Yes
Fallen for one of your best guy friends: My current boyfriend..♥
Made out with JUST a friend?: No
Used someone: No
Best song you ever heard: Sk8er Boi -Avril Lavigne
What's your bedroom like: Messy
Last thing you said: Get me a Lucozade from the shop please. And a KitKat 
What is beside you?: Homework 
Last thing you ate: Jaffa Cake
What kind of shampoo do you use: Herbel Essences
Best thing that has happened to you this year: Getting together with my boyfriend ♥
Worst thing that has happened to you this year: My phone broke :( 
Chicken pox: When I was little
Sore Throat: Yes
Stitches: No
Broken nose: No
Do you believe in love at first sight?: Kinda
Like school: Sometiems
What schools have you gone to: CFS
Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000 dollars: No
If you were stuck on an island, what people would you want with you: Lucas, Pammy, Reece & Emily

Who was the last person that called you: Mum
What makes you smile?: KFC & Lucas ♥
Last person you yelled at: Little Bro
Last person that told you they love you: Lucas ♥
Is your loudest friend: Me
Do you like filling these out?: When I'm bothered to..
Do you wear contacts or glasses: No
Do you like yourself: Sometimes
Do you get along with your family: Sometimes
Stolen anything over $50: No
What are you listening to right now?: Cheryl Cole- Call My Name

Got any awards: No
What car do you wish to have: I don't know
Where do you want to get married: My hometown church (:
If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?: My stomach and my nose and my teeth.
Good driver: Only 12
Good singer: I don't know...
Have a lava lamp: No :( 
How many remote controls are in your house: Err, about 5...
Double jointed: Kinda.
What do you dream about: Things...
Last time you showered: Yesterday.
Scary or happy movies: Scary
Chocolate or white chocolate: White chocolate
Root Beer or Dr. Pepper: Dr.pepper
Vanilla or chocolate: Vanilla
Summer or winter: Winter
Silver or Gold: SIlver
Diamond or pearl: Diamond
Sunset or Sunrise: Sunset
Sprite or 7up: They are basically the same...
Cats or dogs: Dogs
Coffee or tea: EWWW
Phone or in person: In person.
Indoor or outdoor: Indoors
End Time: 4:01