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i'm shauna and i'm 21

Quotes by shaunarnia*

When I was younger,
'I'm telling' was the scariest sentence

Announcing that you need to pee
Just because it feels necessary.


I'd run for my life if there was a fire at school
Not line up quietly.


Learning how to spell 'glamorous'
Because of Fergie.



There's that one friend
///////////////// Who's absolutely beautiful, but she doesn't know it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\


Get real.
Nobody's going to form a single line if the building's on fire.

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'Feel my legs!'
'I just shaved.'

Format by Sandrasaurus

That phase
where you get so depressed

that you hate everything.

Format by Sandrasaurus

The awkward
When you already read 'moment' in your head.

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