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Quotes by ShaunaMarieX33

If I were too say I didn't like you, i'd be lying too the world .
The moment when youre bestfriend talks too the kid you like, & you just want too MURDER HER. 
We haven't talked in forever, & he texted me

I like him, alot. But there's one problem, his girlfriend is completly BEAUTIFUL. 
So i guess you could say, im jealous

I Hate The Menstrual Cycle . 
Stick with me like jelly on toast
lean on me like a lader to the wall
belive in me like little kids belive in santa
need me like a basketball player needs his ball
and love me like i love you

I always leave a relationship early, 
because when i get attatched im afraid of getting hurt. 

You dont just stop loving someonne , either you never really loved them or you still do .

since you have read this, you will be told good new tonight 
if you dont re-post this, your worst week starts