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Quotes by Shawnie13

How can the only thing that's  
killing me make me feel so alive?

The calm before its darkness
will be my warm embrace of death. 



I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number is no longer in service. I tried the operator she said sorry, I have no number for you. I tried to go to your house but you dont live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address for you. I guess heaven is just too far away. I love you, I miss you. You are in my heart always. Even though I still shed a few tears, gone but never forgotten; Merry Christmas and Happy New Years...



Will things ever get better?

Things to do today:

1. Stop my mom from abusing drugs & sister.
2. Don't lose sanity.
3. Go back to bed.

4. Do it all over again. 

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I love you but I hate you. I know you but you're a stranger. You make me mad but you make me sad. I don't care but I'm jealous. I wish you were gone but I need you here. Why do I feel this way?

This is my last quote either forever or for a long time. I'm done speaking my mind to a bunch of strangers. If I have an issue, I'll say it straight up to the people it involves. Bye, for now. 
Nobodies gonna hold your hand and guide you through.
And I stand On shaken ground
The earth moves beneath my feet
And I shout “forgive me”
But there’s no God listening