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i'm the sort of girl made up of  a million piece jigsaw puzzle. i have plain and downright ugly colors, but that only makes it easier for you to see the rainbow inside.
im not saying im the sort of girl that needs to be put back together as if she's broken, but i am saying im the sort of girl with a few pieces missing that tries to close up the hole because she's afraid the colors will leak out.
im the sort of girl that likes to inhale starfish and coral because that way, when i die someday, my inside will be beautiful.
im not the sort of girl that craves attention, but i am the sort of girl to take away the microphone and turn the lights off so i when i say something i want you all to hear.
im the sort of girl made of music held together by weeds growing in my cracked concrete exterior.
im the sort of girl who can either be your best friend or your worst enemy- provided you choose to push me away.
and we haven't even touched half my pieces yet...

Quotes by SheDreamer

i am running around in circles pointlessly.

and adults say this is "good for me"

yeah, right.
wanting to give up
but not wanting to admit defeat
face down in the dirt, she says "THIS DOESN'T HURT!"
there's a kind of a sort of...cost.

and there's a couple of things that get... lost.

there are bridges you crossed you didn't know you crossed until you crossed....
So there's this guy...
who's generally pefect.
And he actually cares
about me
My God,
My tourniquet,
Return to me Salvation!
So there's this guy...
who's generally perfect.
And he told me that he'd protect me
from anything that tried to hurt me.
He said, "not even the winds of heaven will
brush your face roughly

(Note: the quote he said was from Hamlet.)
So there's this guy.....
who's generally perfect.
And last night was the fourth night
he stayed up past midnight talking to me 
to make sure I wouldn't cut. 
So there's this guy....
who's generally perfect.
And whenever he says hi
to me on the phone,
he says
"Hello there, beautiful gorgeous!"
&& Someday,

 I'm going to be
"good enough"
for him...
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