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i'm the sort of girl made up of  a million piece jigsaw puzzle. i have plain and downright ugly colors, but that only makes it easier for you to see the rainbow inside.
im not saying im the sort of girl that needs to be put back together as if she's broken, but i am saying im the sort of girl with a few pieces missing that tries to close up the hole because she's afraid the colors will leak out.
im the sort of girl that likes to inhale starfish and coral because that way, when i die someday, my inside will be beautiful.
im not the sort of girl that craves attention, but i am the sort of girl to take away the microphone and turn the lights off so i when i say something i want you all to hear.
im the sort of girl made of music held together by weeds growing in my cracked concrete exterior.
im the sort of girl who can either be your best friend or your worst enemy- provided you choose to push me away.
and we haven't even touched half my pieces yet...

SheDreamer's Favorite Quotes

The most dangerous time for an abused women is when she leaves. The abuser will try to make her sound to be the problem. He will try to turn people against her. He will make sure that he has a reason she has to communicate with him. He will try to manipulate get and everyone aroumd her that she knows and loves. When he realizes that the " I LOVE YOUS" and the " I AM SORRYS" aren't working it turns to violence. Then he's sorry again and loves you. The hardest part knowing this will happen and knowing YOU HAVE TO GO.... YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE. Some people don't understand that. Knowing you WILL go through this without who was your best amd maybe only friend is a lot of the reason women don't leave. We are victimized by them everyday (in ways we never knew were possible) by both them amd the community. In a way.... It would have been earlier to stay. You know how you are going to be victimized. You can see it coming. When you leave and after you leave.... There is no end to the harassment they inflict on people. Please remember this when you find out someone was victimized. Definitely keep an open mind when you hear a story and put yourself in their shoes as much as possible.
Kelly Clarkson says,
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

I say, "What doesn't kill you will scar and bruise you,
but you will stand up after every battle you lost and continue to fight"

Even when you felt you weren’t strong enough to survive, somehow you found the strength to survive anyway. What does that say about you other than you are made from the blood of stars, with enough iron in your veins to make ten swords, and the same carbon that makes it impossible to break diamonds?

Not all girls are made of
Sugar and spice and all things nice.
Some are made of witchcraft and wolf
And a little bit of vice.


The trouble was people so rarely fell out of love all at once. Most of the time, it passed gradually, like grains of sand through an hourglass - in long, painful moments you could only sit by and watch helplessly until, finally, the last grain fell.

And to push the knife a little deeper.
Your words are written in my skin.


I wonder what it's like being 28 and waking up knowing you're going to ask her to marry you tonight.

I wonder what it's like being 30 and waking up to her gone for the week on a work trip and having the entire bed to yourself for the first time in ages so you starfish the fúck out of it, but somehow drift over to their side because you already miss them.

I wonder what it's like being 42 and waking up for work content that the same pair of tired eyes as yesterday, and the day before that, and for the past 13 years, still look at you like you have the ability to reverse time and stop the sun from rising any higher, then you could both stay in bed. You blink, smile, and kiss her forehead softly as a reply, silently acknowledging your shared distaste for mornings, but not apologizing for wanting to wake up to those eyes again tomorrow.

I wonder what it's like being 49 and waking up beside someone who still makes you nervous when they look at you that close up in the morning, especially now that you're nearing 50 fully aware of the wrinkles you have and the ones on the way.

I wonder what it's like being 61 and waking up at 2pm because you were too sore and sickly to get out of bed that morning, but when you hear her key in the door after coming back from the store with some medicine, your favourite soup and a kiss, it still makes your heart beat fast enough to propel you off the bed and into her healing arms.

I wonder what it's like being 87 and waking up next to an undisturbed pillow and an unwrinkled half of the quilt because she died 2 years ago, peacefully in her sleep. It was just her time to go.

I wonder what it's like to live life in that much love. And when you do, I wonder what it's like to lose it to something as trivial as your body passing through time. It's heartbreaking that the body can't last as long as the love between two people. But it's also kind of beautiful that love transcends physical nature. All we can do is experience it while it's here and while it lasts.

-- A lasting love


This quote does not exist.
When you find the love of your life, you know. You know when he talks to you like he speaks to no one else. You know when he asks to meet at Denny's at five in the morning, only to split peanut butter-chocolate pancakes and a plate of hashbrowns. You know when you steal a shirt or a jacket here and there just to keep his smell around. You know when he offers to watch a marathon of your favorite movies, even if they're not his.

When you find the love of your life, take care of him. Take care of him, because you know he needs just as many long hugs and sick-day chocolate milk runs to the store as you do. Take care of him, because he is not the only one who has to drive many miles to see you. Take care of him, because you understand that sometimes he needs that time to just take a break and play video games for five hours. Take care of him, because you know he will always do the same for you.

When you find the love of your life, don't lose him. Don't take advantage of his time. Let him kiss you in public. Tell him what's in your heart and on your mind. And let him do the same. It's okay to fight, as long as you make up before you leave. Let him know when you need attention, but pay attention to him. Take credit for your faults, because he loves you anyways.

Keeping a relationship requires persitence, hard work, tolerance, with a little bit of fun in the mix. Don't EVER leave out the fun. Don't ever say things you'll regret, not to him or the people around you. Don't ever let someone tell you that you two spend too much time together; that time is so valuable. Don't forget to say "I love you". You never know what you have until it's gone.

When you find the love of your life, you'll either stay with him forever or you'll drift apart. Believe it or not, both will end up being alright. You may find another to share your life with one day. Just know that you did find that love, and it will live on within you forever. 

And that is truly the greatest gift of all.