Status: Can we just make stabbing people legal? All my problems would be solved.
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IIt's been a while witty. It's been a few years. Even though I try and tell myself I'm done with Witty, I never will be. Witty Profiles will always be in my heart.
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What does the cat say? 


Thiimfirsquote iabout a year...
I miss you guys more than I thought I would've. Witty is the only thing I have now. 

I posted this a yearish ago, but it needs to be restated. lol. 

What is wrong with you?
 Think about what you do, before you do it.  
I was going around this site, when I saw people bullying others. Calling them b*tchs, sl*ts. What is your problem? Have you been cyberbullied? Do you know how people feel? Oh I know, I was cyberbullied, and believe it or not I actually was thinking of taking my life. If you cyberbully someone and they comited suicide, guess what that makes you.? A MURDERER. Just because you dont know all of the people on witty in real life, it doesnt give you the permision to bully some hopeless person. Im mean really? Its a bad thing to do. I wish I could report everyone that cyberbullys someone, but its not possible. It breaks my heart seeing people yell at each other over the internet. Seriously? The kind of hurt that you cause someone is ubeilevable. Trust Me. There are people sitting at home crying their eyes out, because of you. How would you feel if your best friend commited suicide? She would never live to go to prom, or to get married, or to have kids. Bullying is just that bad.  If you dont know their story, shut the f*ck up. Im sorry, but its neccessary. Its ridiculous. I would think that we wittians would be better than that. I guess not.I really hate sounding like a strict mother, but it has to be said.  Do you know how much work Steve had to put in for this website? Do you think that he likes seeing the drama? Do you think that he likes seeing people cyberbullying each other? Think about someone other than yourself for once. You should think about thoose people you've bullied. You may want  to apoligize to them after you read this. Yeah, i've bullied some people in my life. Who hasnt? Ever since one of my friends took her life because of cyberbullying, I'v seriouly become paranoid. Whenever my little brother starts crying becuase of me, I feel like a complete b*tch.   We all make mistakes. All im asking you, is to keep this in thought. If you arent going to listen to what I saidd, then whatever. But dont come crying to me or anyone else. Its your own d*mn fault. I hate it. Cant we all just get along? We're all brothers and sisters here.  Witty is meant for so much more , but we wont be able to see what that is if we keep cyberbulling each other.  Please. If you've cyberbullied someone, Im not asking you to give yourself up. Im just asking you quit. Please. No one likes seeing people they care about be hurt. 

Stop Cyberbullying.  It Hurts.


That moment when you realize you have to remember to put 2013 &not 2012 


those times when
all you want to do is stab the whole world. 

the guy i like just called me a b/ /tch
and told me he liked my best friend.


lol. who could like me anyways? 





your heart might still be broken, but it isnt gone.






its been a while
but i still feel the same.



Everyday when my friends ask me how I'm doing , 
I tell them that I'm fine.
if you want to know the truth,
 hold your cursor over this quote.