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Hey there! My names Laura i am 13. I blow out the candles on March 25th! Dancing is bascially my life. Music is my escape. Im your typical teenage girl whos in love with this boy who will never notice her. Witty best friend? commment follow fav!

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I’m honestly happy again..
And baby you have nothing to do with it.

I hope you wake up and it suddenly hits you,
That there wasn't anyone who loved you
just as much as i love you.

& I don’t care if you haven’t said it
I can tell by the look in your eyes
you love me.

Dear her,
            I hope you wake up everyday and know that my world has his arms around you, don’t take him for granted he deserves the best, and I’m sorry I couldn’t give him that. So love that boy with all your heart.
          the girl who stupidly broke his heart.

Oh you two have been dating for 2 years?
That cool but
My cat and I have been together for 5<3

Stop falling,
Stop listening,
Stop texting back,
Stop worrying,
Stop getting you’re hopes up,
Stop telling yourself this one different.
You’ve heard this story time and time again and you know how it ends.
He’s playing a game and you keep losing.

Relationship Status
(       ) single
(       ) Taken
(      ) Married
(       ) Engaged
(         ) Divorced
(  X  ) Waiting for a miracle

- Laura:)
Think I cant do it? Clearly you don’t know the power of a teenage girl

  ♥ This and I'll write the name of the boy your gunna marry:)
( so bored)


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