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♥I model, sing, sketch&paint, &act :)
♥That stupid boy earns my heart..And I am so in love.
♥I love my life. 100%. I never want to change..
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Quotes by Shine_With_Me


Does anyone else
feel terribly alone right now? Or is it just me? I can never tell...

 I would stop
pushing everyone away
If i only knew where to start.  



I wanna look at you
And have you fall hopelessly in love with me..


Could you just
Shut up and kiss me? Thanks..


Your Lips, On my lips 
That's a Merry Merry Christmas..

When you try typing a heart
and you end up typing <#

 and you're just like




 My texting style 
always depends on

 who I'm texting.


are you just gunna sit there?

 Or are you gunna get some courage,

and maybe attempt  to show me that you care

even a little, about me?  


 So tell me,
are you always this bitchy?

 or is this a special occasion?



Just Let me Know. 
Do you like me, or NOT?