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Hey guyys 

My name is Jenna, I was born on November 16/1996I am 15 and a sophomore I have brown hair and blue eyes  something’s about me is I love sports and music, music is my life I need it to survive. Also I like to be different and have fun doing it! Photography is my life it is a way for me to show my emotions’ hate fake people and that is one thing I am not. I may seem innocent, but I can pack a punch. I am not afraid to stand up for myself or for my friends. I don’t trust people Easley, so if I trust you, you are special. Some of my closes friends don’t even know some of my deepest secrets or my past, I don’t talk about my feelings because I feel like people think that I am just trying to get attention so I don’t. There is only one person I am close with in my life that I tell everything to and she lives 3 provinces away but nothing will separate us, or break our friendship apart we have been with each other since the beginning and will be till the end. One thing I despise is when people are mad at you and don’t tell you or you did something to upset them…sorry I can’t read minds talk to me. One thing about me is I am a good listener and good at giving advice I am always here, I am everyone’s friend until they give me a reason not to be


Music is my therapy I need it to survive; I listen to country and club music, I play the guitar and sing I love just letting the music blast and dancing. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is put my ipod on my docking station and blasting the music it gets me going and then I am ready for the day, it helps me cope with all the stress and crazy S!#% that go’s on in my life, I don’t like talking to people so that’s a way for me to get it out… lets just say music is my life, music is my religion and music is my life.
stuff. I used to be love drunk
Now I am hungover I love you forever
Forever is over
Need someone to talk to?
i am here

I made a skype account just for witty so if anyone needs to talk i am always here i will try to go on every day ...i am not some creep so it’s ALL G



Quotes by Shoot4TheMoon

When that one special guy calls you beautful and you know he means it with everthing he has
Just to be me?

I dont understand i thought moving to a big city would be amazing all i have gotten out of it is pain, people around me are mean and fake... i am just being me what have i done to you?, people pick every little thing apart of you that seems bad to them and makes a big deal out of it, i wanna be back in the country and able to be me without any questions or dirty looks where everyone is able to accept you, i want to go fishing and dirt biking and be out in the middle of no where in a truck with someone i trust and love... i am not saying all cities are bad but this one... this one has been bad to me 
Be His Bride 
                                            NOT His RIDE
Hug harder. laugh louder. smile bigger. love longer 
Don't go looking for love; let love find you because thats why it's called falling you don't mean to y o u  j u s t  d o 


                        A guy like you ........
                                    needs a c r a z y and w i l d  girl like me <3

love is like a war <3
easy to start hard to end and impossible to forget 

                                       She say's she doesn't care 
                                But the look in her eyes tell a completely different story 
Good girls are bad girls who dont get caught 
I grew up where you could see the stars and at night  here the coyotes in a distance, i grew up not being afraid of getting my hand a small town where you could be who you wanted to be and having fun was not going to the mall it was going 4-weelin and paintballing and making forts out in the back woods, this is me and i am not going to be anyone else sorry  
Gravel Roads 
4-Wheeler Riden Through Fields Of Mud 

some good ole country friends with a pile of beer <3

most girls would say "HELL NAW" to the country life 

but i would say "HELL YES!!!" running out the back door with my Boots on 

Over and Over

Over and Over 
YOU lied 
Over and Over 
and i don't know why 

life rules
1. Do what Makes you Happy 
2. Be with Who makes you Smile 
3. Laugh as Much as you Breath 
4. Love as Long as you Live 
Everyone needs that one wild friend....... Its even more fun when you are that wild one