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Soo, basically i need all of your help. im in a competition with my friend as to who can get more tumblr followers fastest.
I pinky swear to follow back everyone who follows me on tumblr, it would be awesome

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State Farm Is There!


With a boyfriend who loves me for who I am. Who has gorgeous eyes and a six pack.Who doesnt flirt with other girls and would never cheat on me. A boyfriend who will sing me to sleep and play with my hair. One who will joke around with me, but when he sees im upset will comfort me. I want a boyfriend who kisses my forehead BEFORE my lips, and doesnt pressure me into seexx. One who loves to party and wears super cute clothes. One who knows how to cook, and he has to be patient. One who is perfectly okay with only dancing with me at dances. One who will be 100% okay with my guy-friends. One who treats my bestfriend like his little sister. One who holds my hand and surprises me, and buys me little things i never expected. One who would rather hang out with me then smoke pot, or hang out with his friends, or play Xbox. One who will teach me how to play Xbox. One who will take cute pictures with me, and give me piggy-back rides everywhere. One who understands me, and will hold me when I cry. One who sends me Goodnight<3 and Good Morning<3  texts. One who never goes a day without talking to me. Someone who makes me laugh uncontrollably at awkward moments. Someone who will hug me and pick me up and spin me around. One who has older brothers who treat me like their little sister. One who has the sweetest mom, and the kindest Dad. The one who calls me beautiful AND sexy. The one who gives me his clothes to wear when im cold.
The one who I will spend the rest of my life with.

Please state farm?  

A relationship is meant for two

But Some Biitches dont know how to count.




"Come here!"


"Just do it!!"

"No your gonna hit me!"

A boy's sleepy voice
is seriously the sexiest shittt ever.