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I like to  make  silly comics and songs to cheer myself up

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lyrics for my last song

I will not get pretty any day
I can not be pretty anyway

I will not get pretty
And I can't be witty

No I ain't gona
Ever never be no good

I will not get pretty any day
So why waste precious time on your way?

I suggest you keep on going,
As the life continues flowing

No, I ain't gona
Ever never be no good

But you did.You have stopped on your way
And you had had some real nice thing to say

You said-"life continues flowing,
We can spare a night of loving,

No we ain't gona
Ever never be no good "

And my decaying soul and body
Have reflected in you buddy

I did not enjoy it very much

To escape this sour reflection
I have severed the connection

Speaking simply managed to defeat
When you are looser you don't fear being bit
Being looser you just learn to play the bit
Rock bottom is when you seriously consider a junk mail, which offers a miraculous way of becoming thin successful and rich
Sad and liberating to know that we are slaves to our biology, circumstances, culture, and we are never to be free.
When I was 18, I hoped my insecurities will disappear in 10 years, now that I am 30 I still think 10years should do the trick.
i did not suffer from fear of flight until my plane requested emergency landing in North Korea
When you say you are a total loser, remember it can be just that you have a low self esteem, or you are really good at stating obvious

I can write with my left hand as well as I do with my right hand... Actually, anyone can write with their left hand as well as I do with my right hand.

There is a stereotype that a girl can be either smart or pretty. I break this stereotype. I am dum and ugly

My mom decided to help with my tuition fee after finding out that in case I will not be able to pay for my masters I consider being a comics writer as a career choice
March lets a rain to drip I'm hungry can not sleep
Old bones are garish   And
In mind I recollect Past, which can not correct
With hope to perish   Yea,
Narcissus blooms inside. Your glaze politely hide, For we are many, Who won't worth penny   And
My ascorbic laugh Is only featured stuff, Which barely discern From those who are long gone.   All in a being must be quite quiet All in a being must be quite quiet