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Ok I'm going to start off by saying I love Michael Jackson

If you don't like him or you are idiotic and childish enough to believe all the rumors
get off my profile
no one wants you on my profile
and no one likes you on my profile
so leave now

ok anyway
I'm a Christian
But I'm more Spiritual than Religious
If you have a problem with that;
I honestly give no crap.
You can get of my profile if you have a huge problem with that.
I know I'm acting b*tchy, but I don't like people who criticize me because I love God
I have a crush on a guy I can't have
typical right?
Listen, I love Michael more than any of you know.
I guarantee none of you know how much he means to me

(Except for my Michael Jackson Buddy)  
and Michael's other fans.
and if you are going to talk to me about Justin Bieber or One Direction
ugh please
I have nothing against them
I just don't like their personalities and their singing
at all
so yeah
my real name is Julia but I'm starting to like people calling me Jules
so ok
bye :3
Oh and also
if you want to meet some of my amazing and great and amazing beautifully gorgeous and amazing (Did I mention amazing?) friends
then go here (In no specific order)
Sarah (Michael Jackson buddy<3

I love you Michael words don't describe to what you mean to me
I really do love you Michael
you will be forever in our hearts </3
R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson
The King of Rock, Pop, and Soul
possibly (And most likely) one of the best human beings to ever come to this planet
I love you

Quotes by ShutUpAndLookAtThis

I sit here waiting for you to care,
To listen and to love,
But you're never there

I smile and laugh,
To hide the pain,
Through tears and sorrow,
That's all I gain

Looking in the mirror is a hell awaiting,
I'll never be the one you want me to be,
For you to care is all too debating,
You'll never see the real me

Standing up you push me down,
I wish you wouldn;t stare,
Bloody and drowned I lay,
Waiting for you to care

I look up at you sadly,
But you look away,
Wanting to confess something to you badly,
But I will never say

You'll never understand,
Those words that you said,
You hurt me and so,
I lay here dead

~An original poem by ShutUpAndLookAtThis
*Me and my sister talking about politics*
Me: Ellen should be the president ok.
my sister: Yeah
Me: because she likes dancing soo
my sister: and we so need someone who can dance to run our country
Me: exactly
My sister: Better yet, have dance groups. 
My sister: and so we wouldn't have wars-
My sister: -we would have dance offs
My sister:

*We both love Ellen don;t worry*
I need some advice
tomorrow I'm going to tell him how I feel about him
Well.. maybe..
I need help deciding.
Should I risk the friendship, to finally tell him how I feel about him?
Or should I just stay friends, as painful as it is?
I really don't know..
That moment moment when you can report someone
for not being a quote
It makes me laugh when you are in an argument with someone on their quote
and then they block you
coward much?
I mean at least have the guts to let me say my point of view
rather then just getting rid of me, so you don't have to worry about being wrong
Go to this quote:
Look at the comments
I don't give a crap if you don't like the quote or think it's double standards.
People are calling her terrible things.
Say they hate her.

You know... I've noticed that most (Not ALL) people on Witty
are terribly terribly mean
You hate her for having her own opinion in whether it's ok or not to hit a girl?
That's pathetic, ok?
I'm ashamed of Witty so.. SO much.
I think we should both fall in love with eachother
oops I'm already done
now it's your turn
Mrs. Puff: Oh please, I swear it was an accident, officer!
Officer: It's too late for swearing Mrs. Puff.

omg lmao
Wittians please listen to me

today after school my dad picked me up and we were going to pick my brothers up, when I saw a white van that said "Free Candy" on it.
This literally made me day.
Don't believe me?
I took pictures:
I am finally at school.. and on witty (;