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whatdoidoo 4 years ago
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Hey there. I just have to tell you that, although I don't know your situation, you will get better. I know you may not believe me. 16 was my worst year. I was super depressed all year and i was suicidal and everything. I wanted to cease to exist, or at least hurt myself, all the time. And honestly? The key to getting better are lifestyle changes. I became brave enough to go to a doctor, where i was diagnosed with a thyriod disease inflicting my depression. I now take medication. Also, I had a girlfriend who, in hindsight, was extremely toxic to me. I was strangely addicted to her presence in my life while simultaneously being hurt by her, subtly. I am so much happier without her now. I didn't think I could do life without her, but I did. And life is better than ever. The number one thing though, is that you have to WANT to get better. You have to change your mindset. You have to value yourself. Don't let a person dictate whether you live or die. Don't give anyone that power. YOU are valuable. YOU are enough for yourself. And once you get used to getting along with Yourself, you'll find you don't NEED anyone. I apologize if any of this sounded offensive or didn't make much sense, I really tried to write something comprehensible haha. Anyway, I really hope the best for you. I relate to you so much. I was hopeless and now I'm not, and the same thing can, and will, happen to you too. Please hang on, okay? You're only 16. There's so much out there. Best of luck. You can message me whenever.