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I miss it too . I miss watching movies in bed that never really lasted with us actually watching the movies . I miss the late night phone calls ; the no you hang up first's . Ive gotten sushi so many times but it never has tasted as amazing as before .

I'm so afraid of marriage

what if you marry someone and have kids with them
and then they decide they don't love you anymore. It's


Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
Darling you'll be okay
my brother is leaving in 3 weeks and im terrified. my brother is leaving in 3 weeks and i wonder who will fix my damned car for free? who will i rant to about my long boring day? who will listen and their eyes will light up at all the right times without them realising it? who will play my little kid games with me when i need another adult to be a kid with me again and not have the slightest hint of judging? honestly nobody because nobody can be my brother...quite just the way my my brother. but, my brother is leaving in 3 weeks...and i dont know what i will do. my brother is leaving in 3 weeks...and this is the first time in awhile ive thought about certain relapses, and im not quite sure why. im proud of him. i have been proud of me. he's leaving to graduate. im staying with 2 jobs...and trying to graduate. more power to him. im excited for him. but im sad. scared. nervous. anxious. terrified. my brother is leaving in 3 weeks.
Better days are gonna find you once again. Every piece is gonna find its place when you're broken

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it takes more than blood to be family.
"Your eyes told me you loved me long before your words ever did."