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Quotes by SiLeNTLiiWaiTiNG

GIRL: he is such and idiot
GIRL'S FRIEND: gowsh she's lucky to have him
GIRL: ii told him i'm ready but he's says we should wait GIRL'S FRIEND: ii would love for a guy to be like that
GIRL: well i'm going to break up with him
GIRL'S FRIEND: she's the idiot
GIRL: did you even hear a word ii said?

1oo% Minez
ii don't if it's good or not....
Here ii am still waiting
Waiting for you to come
But ii know that day i'm waiting for
Will never ever come...
1oo% Minez
"A-W-E (What!) S-O-M-E"
The Mighty, Mighty {NAME OF TEAM HERE}
Are as awesome as can Be!
You ToLD Me u'D \NeVeR/ LeaVe Me..
BuT ii GueSS THaT's WHaT u TeLL
To aLL oF THe PeoPLe THaT *Luv U*
'&& ~We'll~ [{(ReMeMBeR)}] aLL THe <TiMeZ> We SPeNT *ToGeTHeR*'
ii am constantly dreaming..
Dreaming about you..
But now ii realize..
That my dream will never come true