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!5 years ago there was little Mexican girl. She was 18 when she met a nice man who was part Russian. His name was Robert, and her's was Delora. They fell in love and he got her pregnant. On May 1st of the next year they had a beautiful baby girl named Sierra. She had black hair and brown eyes like her mother, but she really looked like her father. Then one day her dad was drunk and cheated. The parents split up. The first 5 years of her life were based on her dad. She had a lot of time with her mom but she was a dad's little princess. Then her mom took her away from her dad. The little girl was really upset and hated her mom for it. She grew up crying every night because she missed him. Then when she got into Junior High there was drama. She ignored it and was fine. Then she met David Casique. She fell for him. She fell hard. Then he cheated on her with 2 other girls. Sierra was heart broken but she still had feelings. Her and David got back together. Then on December 27th they broke up again. On the 30th of December her friend Desi got stalked by Desi's older brother. Why do you ask? He wanted Sierra's number, even though he has a girlfriend. His name was Dillon and he was 3 years older than Sierra. Sierra and Dillon text and call each other all the time. Sierra is in love... and as for Dillon? Who knows... But that girl Sierra is me. And that boy Dillon is known to me as my Ginger or as my Muscle Man... <3

If you want to get my number or vent to me my email is


My best friends is Paige Nicolle! Her and I already figured out our life! Do good in school, go to college together, then become a girl assasin duo and anyone who gets in our way dies. :) Easy as that! She is not only my best friend but she's like a sister to me. Sh'e always there for me and I can tell her anything I love her to death! Paige <aka Ken> is amazing!

My witty best friends are Next2you and Dont_Let_Me_Fall. They are really cool and amazing quotes so follow them! They're are amazing friends and you can vent and they'll give you advice! They're pretty and nice and everything I should be but I'm just to mean to pull that off...

My mom is now engaged! Going to be the maid of honor! Might have a destination wedding! Can't wait!




next2you_xo hacking! Sierra, you are amazing. There is no other word I can use to describe you. I haven't actually met you, but I feel like you are my friend, even if we live very far away from eachother. You are beautiful, funny, and one of the nicest people I have ever met. I read your quote about cutting. I never knew you cut before. Please don't. I really don't want you to get hurt. Look at what you have! You have your friends, and David, and i'm sure your doing really well in school, and you have a loving family! You might decide to delete this after, and I will be ok with that, but I really hope you read this before you do. You are my witty bestfriend, and that means something to me. I will always be here for you, no matter what. :)  

;Life makes love look hard
-Taylor Swift

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The South-
Tea is sweet and accents are sweeter
Summer starts in April
Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable
Front porches are wide and words are long
Pecan pie is a staple
"Y'all" is the only proper noun
Chicken is friend and biscuits come with gravy
Everything is "Darlin"
Someone's heart is always being blessed...

Proud to be a southern girl! <3
Reach for my hand
cuz it's held out for you
my shoulders are small
but you can cry on them too
Drop everything now
Meet me in the pouring rain
kiss me on the sidewalk
take away the pain
Oh My Lord! The weekend is over! :( I loved letting people see quotes for the meaning of them not for what they look like...

People put you down enough, you start to believe it...
Sometimes I miss the friendship that we used to have.
And he game me his mother's old wedding ring <3
We're not together anymore... But I do love Brendon
We broke up to protect our friendship. 
We've known each other since we were three
And now he promises to marry when we're 18
Even if I get a boyfriend between now and then
I'll marry him
I want a guy who texts me so much i get annoyed.
I want a guy who hugs me so tight I can't breathe.
I want a guy that kisses me so long my lips hurt.
I want a guy to love me so much that it can't be said in words. 
I want a guiy to care for me so much that I will never have a problem again.
Unfortunatly the only guy that can support all this is Superman.
February fourteenth, for the one you call mine, this day's dedicated to the one on your mind. You give them reassurance, that the love didn't fade, you make up for the past, and your recent selfish ways. This day is special, meant for your boo, but trust me it ain't the only day you should get the courage to say I love you.