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Quotes by SilentSilver

Its torture being in love
"Who am I? 
Someone thats afraid to let go
Suicide if you ever try to let go 
I sad and low"
theres nothin left right now 
I gave it all to you
" All these voices in my head get loud
I wish I could shut them out"
" you should see the way i look when i hear his name 
I refuse to admit i still miss him but its ok 
and when it quiet im screaming inside 
wanting a shoulder to cry on
I hide it with a smile that fades quickly
im good at hiding the hurt from you
dont be scared
i wont be scared"
" i fall apart
he told me that im not enough
he left me with a broken heart
he cut to deep now im left with scars
never caught a feelin this hard
tell me you dont want me no more
but i cant let go"
youre the reason i dont believe in love
But i'd like to think I can cheat it off to make up for the times I have been cheated on
dumping water on me when im already drowning
feeling like youre pouring salt in my cuts