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Quotes by SilentxPerson

That Horrible Feeling...
          When you realize you forgot the Birthday of
                   Your favorite TV/Book charactor ever....
             I'm such a failure of a fan... :'(
Other Teenagers:
# = Hashdash!!!

 #  = WAFFLE!!!


And Does Anybody Else Think,
    That Thing Looks Like

            That moment when

                          No one is faving your quote
                  and you realize it may be because
            you posted it at 2 o'clock in the morning
                                          on a Tuesday


           When you ace a test everyone else failed
                                             without studying

   Like A Boss Nerd


           When you find your phone without calling it

            Like A Boss

We all agree
                          life would be so much simpler
                                   if no other people
                                       were involved


I would have gotten away with it too,
If it wasn't for you
Meddling Kids!
admit it, you've said this to someone before

Wittian Problem#13

See someone with on Witty the same name as somebody you know
                      Instant heart attack
We've never been so many,
                    And we've never been