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Quotes by SimsxoFreak56

His green eyes
make my heart melt <33

i don't want to lose [your face]
i don't want to wake up one day
and not remember what time erased and
i don't want to turn around cause im not
scared of what love gave me but [[took away]]
and i don't want to lose your face

I'd give everything to
be his anything <33


--Taylor Swift .. your anything

music's in my soul
I can hear it every day, every night
it's the one thing on my mind
music's got control
and I'll never let it go
no, no
I just wanna play my  music
all night long <33
summer time.........
a perfect time for our
great escape <33
Even the sun can't brighten up these summer days if you're not here.... </3
Just like John Mayer would have rather wanted someone...
         say too much
                         than to never say what they need to say...
I would rather ....
  something more with you
                 than to dream about what it would have been like..... </3
Yeah, so I think
I'm falling for you....
It's all over, and I'm finished with him,

its just that....

theres something that keeps me holding on----
------I don't think I'm completely over him.......
I want to be in his arms again, I miss those hugs I used to get,
I want you to play with me,
and push me in the pool,
I want you to watch the stars with me,
I want you hold me, kiss me, love me....forever <3