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Hi everyone!
I'm proud to be a girl! :) I love to play guitar and sing and I write songs. I have about 50 best friends lol.
Thanks to some HILARIOUS quotes, I joined Witty, because I wanted to share some of my own. I admire Witty because it's a way of expressing your feelings and thoughts... and people actually listen. :) 
You follow, I follow back. :D
Thanks to RandomRequests for her awesome help with the formatting of my profile! Go check her out. ;) Also, check out my friends Nightlock, PosterOfHeadmasterZefron, leprechaunspotofgold, and MoonlightMadness, they're amazing :D 

Quotes by Singyourheartout

Dear Witty girls,

let me tell you a story.

My grandmother got married to my grandpa when she was 19 years old. Over 50 years later, they're still in love, have 6 kids, and too many grandkids. :)

Her sister, my great-aunt Lucille, didn't find the right man until she was 65. She found love and got married at 65 years old. And you know what? She loves her husband and he loves her.

Moral of the story?

Love comes at any time. Don't wait for it to come along. It will find you when the time is right.


                       FRIENDS LISTEN TO THE 


   {        D  O N  ' T      A  Y  .           }




Teacher: 1200 word essay due in 2 days :D 

Me: t(-_-)t


" sunrise

remains the world's best disinfectant. "

William Proxmire

"I have not failed.

I have found 10,000 ways

That won't work."

Thomas Edison


" Be yoursel



Oscar Wilde



I'd kill to have a guy sing LittlThings to me.

Lol, like that's ever gonna happen. 


It's so easy to remember

when you're trying to forget.


Be careful of how high you climb
There will always be those who wish to see you fall.