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Hey, my name is Hanna. I'm 14. I like to ride bikes, scooters, skates, and other stuff. My favorite color's purple :) I love giraffes. My favorite bands are Green Day, Rise Against, and Three Days Grace. I hope to be a writer someday but I don't put my stories on here. I like to talk to you guys. And if you ever want to vent, don't hesitate to leave a comment. :) Bye.

Quotes by SkatingGirl

I don't like One Direction

I like Nutella

I don't support gays because it is against the bible and God.

These are my opinions and you don't have to agree with them,

but you do have to respect them.

Not wanting hate, but I will stand up for my beliefs. I am not afraid.



I don't miss him...
I miss who I thought he was.


Might not talk,
but I type.