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Quotes by SkinnyJeans1113

Even though I have you I feel like I'm constantly in danger of losing you
I really hate when you like someone a lot and you wanna talk to them but you don't know how they feel about you and every time you text them you just feel like your bothering them
Until the night turns in to morning you'll be in my arms
and we'll keep driving along the boulevard
and if I kiss you darling please don't be alarmed
I'm forgetting the things I want to remember and remembering the things I want to forget
I wish I could Ctrl+Z my life
And in the end I'm still just me
I like the idea of me and you 
Though I wish I knew 
If you did too
There's not much to say
But one day
I hope you might feel the same way
You make me gloOoOoOow but I cover up won't let it shoOoOoOow
Not Broken Just Bent
Tonight I’m gonna dance 
For all that we've been through 
But I don't want to dance 
If I’m not dancing with you 
Tonight I’m gonna dance 
Like you were in this room 
But I don't want to dance  If I’m not dancing with you