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Quotes by SkyBluexxx



I hate to say "I told you so"

But it, I told you so.

And don't say a word, I already know.

This is an anthem 
so f.u.cking sing
A dedication to the end of everything


There's something you don't know
I've walked you off to keep you on your toes.

There's something you didn't know
I've grown some bones, so I can walk you off.


Can't you tell from the look in our eyes?
We're going no where.

We live our lives like we're
ready to die
This is sempiternal.



1 whole year on Witty
No, I didn't write a long paragraph like most Wittians
Honestly, I never thought it'd come by so fast.
But wow. It's only been a year, but Witty has helped alot. I got to stop my friend from cutting and I started to respect myself, something I thought would never happen. Because of that, I'm grateful to every Wittian, since they're all amazing.
Thank my followers for staying with me for a whole year, since I made my
account on Witty Profiles. Oh, and my little Witty Family, (Plu-Plu, Raito, Grace, Matt, Mello, Len, and Misa-chii) I love you all~<3
So, can't wait for round two!

-Sky Blue Evelyn/Axel.


It's my birthday today♥

Mr. Player
The one who lost the game.

Chapter 10 - Meeting him again. (Part Three)

Emmerson could feel his chin quivering.
Brother. He thought, Sky has a brother….
Meanwhile, Ace was standing still. Silent and frozen.
He could tell by Emmerson’s reaction that this was something that Sky didn’t want to tell, but still…
He called Darcy and told her to pick Emmerson up.
He yelled, making Darcy realise that it was urgent.
“Ace what’s going on?! Why are you two so–”
JUST GO!” He yelled.
When she and her brother left, he ran.
Ran in Sky’s direction.
It took him five minutes to realise she wasn’t in the mall.
Although panting and out of breath, he continued running.
When out of the mall, he quickly glanced around.
He ran left and wthout even realising, he found himself at the old abandoned park.
He saw someone crouched on a bench, the world ‘Evelyn’ written on their hoodie.
“Hey,” he said softly as he kneeled down in front of Sky.
She looked up and Ace could see she had been crying.
“Sky what’s going on?” He asked gently.
She shook her head and wiped away her tears.
“It’s nothing Ace. D- Don’t worry about it.”
He frowned,
“Sky there’s no point lying at this stage.” Sky bit her lip, “Wh—well what am I supposed to say right now? Oh, by the way, I just found out my brother who I haven’t seen in more than five years is actually alright and I shouldn’t have been worrying over the past years?!
Ace pulled her in for a hug.
"You need to stop that habit of yours, Sky. Closing of your heart from other people. Building walls around yourself and pretending everything's fine."
"Pretending everything's fine is somewhat easier, Ace."
He lifted her chin up with his finger, making sure he could see her face properly.
"Does Erza know?" He asked, "Have you told her?"
"N-- No..." Sky said as she turned her gaze away.
"You know, Sky, you're really strong." He muttered as he fiddled with the ends of her hair.
Sky looked at him, implying 'How so?'
"Keeping such a thing a secret. It's amazing."
The two continued to talk, although they did not move from their position.
Eventually, they went back.
"SKY!" Darcy yelled, "Where have you two been?! What's going on?!"
"It's nothing, Darcy." She replied quietly with a smile.
Emmerson was sitting down, but he was watching Sky.
"Liar! It must have been something!"
"Darcy! It's nothing, honestly!"
"If that's true then why were you gone so long? And why was Ace yelling? And Emmerson looking like that?! Seriously, what the heck is going on?! What are you hiding?! Making everyone worry over such a stupid th--"
"Can you just shut up for atleast one minute?! I already told you,  it's none of your business!" Sky yelled angrily, cutting Darcy off.
"Wh-- Was it really that important?!" Darcy yelled angrily, "I mean, you've made everyone worry like hell!"
"Well that wasn't intentional!"
"So?! You always get the attention!"
"You think I want it?!"
"I don't care! How do you think it feels to be over shadowed?!"
"Look, it's not my fault that you're an attention seeker!"
"I am not!" Darcy yelled.
"I really don't care."
Darcy huffed, "Emmerson! We're leaving. Now!"
Emmerson looked at his sister and left.
Soon, the others left aswell.
"Sky, what is  going on?" Erza asked, at last.
"Erza..." Sky muttered.
"I... I heard something today. Very shocking news."
"What was it?"
Sky let out a deep breath,
"...It was about my older twin brother... Sam."
Erza's eyes widened, "What?! Brother?!"
Sky gulped, "Yup...."

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Oh yeah guys. I've changed my name. I'm Axel now.
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That awkward moment when

Your best friend, tells you that she likes your
brothers best friend, who you have been secretly dating since April.....