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SkyBluexxx's Favorite Quotes

Don't you just hate papercuts like
what, you're a f/cking paper, how do you cause me so much pain.

I don't understand why I can't just fall asleep it is upsetting.
This quote does not exist.

Graham Norton: two girls kiss at the end and if that offends you then you need to grow up


Gynecologists are freaky af.
Like who would choose their profession to be looking at vaginas all day, every day? Exactly, no one. You never know what's going to walk in there. I just I don't understand.


"All girls are the same."
Actually, we're not. The only thing we have in common is what is between our legs, and that probably won't be you if you say that again.


What do Justin Beiber and Pinocchio
have in common? They both want to be real boys.


teacher: now copy these notes down while i stand in front of them.

BravoSierra's format

                       when someone has already typed in the exact questions for your homeowrk on YahooAnswers.

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art sweaty and disgusting and please go away.