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hi. i love victor vincent fuentes. pierce the veil is my favorite band ever. but i also love bring me the horizon, and of mice and men. and many more.


Quotes by SkyGhostGuitar20

i want to kill myself

i love how when we were young, we never thought we'd turn out to be this broken..
it's funny how i fought to prove them wrong,
yet you still turned out to be who they said you were.
thinking about how much you screwed up
& how you wish you could take it all back.
It's actually sad how many friends i've lost in the past few months. 

Whenever you look at me

i get this unending pain in my chest.

it's like.. i could've done something to change your mind, but i didn't. 


f o r m a t ;  j i m m y 3 6 5 
i miss you
but it seems like everything i do just pushes you away further.
the worst mistake anyone can make is being too afraid to make one♥
really means; i'm hurt. 
kissing your boyfriend for the first time..♥