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One Direction

Quotes by SkylarJessica13

Directionater: Omg! I love One Direction! i'm like the biggest directioner EVER! Harry is my fave!
Me: *looks her stright in the eyes* How many R's?

Directionater: What are you talking about?


Police Officer: So she just fell out the window?

All the boys of One Direction have confirmed they are not virgins..

Imaging being one of the girls who took thier virginity!
dear people who wach PLL,
can you please sum up what has happened on season 3 so far? (like what happened with Aria and Ezra, and Mya's death). I lnow that Hanna and Caleb broke up, but I cant find any episodes online.. thank you
Faving a quote that has 68 faves just to make it 69.

Does anyone else hate how we get notifications from ourselves?
Today' the day you put a "W" on your hand for Witty.


Whenever a sad song comes on the radio

i look out the window as if i'm in a movie

this isnt pretty, so you probably will just skip by it.... just like our society taught us to.

Whenever I delete an app on my ipod
The saking objects make me feel like the other apps are panicked over who is getting deleted.

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