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I'm Marina and I prefer frosting over people



SlowlySinking's Favorite Quotes

Things I look for in a soulmate:
1) He has to be taller than me
2) You have to be able to match me in an eating contest
3) That's pretty much it
Guys today I ate 3500 calories and lost 2 pounds 
I think satan himself has damned my stomach as the deepest pit in all of hell


                                             I   HOPE YOU STILL FEEL SMALL WHEN YOU STAND BESIDE

                    the ocean.


narrowing down my “type” of guy is really hard because one second i’ll see a guy that’s clean shåven in a button down with the sleeves rolled and be like WHOA and the next i’ll see a guy with a full sleeve beanie and scruff and be like WHOA

old TV shows with real audiences and not canned laughter are the best

because when the joke is REALLY good you can hear that one person in the audience just DYING

Growing up is understanding the faults in your parents.

I don’t know how some girls are 100% straight
like have you seen girls?

Somedays I'm the girl
walking confidently through the halls
Somedays I'm the girl
Hiding behind my baggy clothes
Somedays I'm the girl
Who talks non stop
Somedays I'm the girl who says nothing at all
Somedays I'm the girl who loves
to eat everything
Somedays I'm the girl
who isn't hungry at all
Somedays I'm the girl
Who jokes around
Somedays I'm the girl
Who is emotionless
Somedays I'm the girl
Who loves helping other
And somedays
I'm the girl who needs help

could u please put ur crying kid on vibrate
who do you like?
no one.
OH, who do you like?
no one!
who do you like?
how many times are you
going to ask that?
as many times as it
takes for you to say
my name.