Status: I'm Cinderella stuck in this house, waiting for my Prince Charming to come with my glass slipper.
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hiya, im Keeley Im 16 years old. I'm in a relationship. 15 months together. well if you are awesome hit me up.

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Baby you're so perfect.
What happened to us?
I miss sitting on the back porch in your lap until 4 o'clock in the morning. 
I miss kissing your lips when you walk me to my front door at 5.
I miss sitting at your football games on freezing fall nights.
Wearing your jersey to show I belonged to you.
When I belonged to you..
When you loved me.
the past.

I talk to you everyday.
I talk to him everyday.

 Why do I love him more then you?
Why am I in love with him and not you?

I talk to you everyday.
I talk to him everyday.

 Why do I love him more then you?
Why am I in love with him and not you?

She sits among the pieces of broken glass and photographs
Reluctantly releases the last
  Of what was her past
Struck without a warning or did she just ignore the signs   
Of those dark clouds forming behind her silver lines

All of our bridges burned down
I waisted my nights 
You turned out the lights
No I'm paralized still stuck in that time where   
We called it love but even the sun sets in paradise

We were always ment for Forever
but what happens when
you break forever?
Does it end now? 
Or does it end when forever does?

Love is unknown
Love is uncommon 
But when you find it
You must keep it 
Because you'll never know if you'll ever find it again.

I guess I never

was worth it. 

because if I was you would be fighting for my heart now instead of watching in the background.
Now you have shown me that you weren't worth the questioning of my relationship. You weren't worth all the people I've hurt. You weren't worth the pain and struggle I went through. You weren't worth my tears and heart.
I guess I'm never worth it.

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Rest In Peace Darren.
My fiancee wrote me this song. He lost his battle with cancer today. He is my life. I love you Darren Allen, For a thousand years and one thousand more.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Keeley's Song~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I dont want no one but you,
Your all i need,
your everything i want and more.
baby your what im looking for.

Sweet and kind.
Pretty in your lil way.
Im glad to have you in my life today.

Your smart and wise.
your happy and free.
im glad i met you
for my heart will be your forever and always.

never forget,
that im yours.
Your all i have.
your my sun and moon.
Your my stars above,

Ever since we met,
i havent stopped thinking of you.
Your my heart and soul.

And as i grow old..
I know youll be right there,
by my side.

And even when im gone,
my love for you shall carry on.
for id do anything for you.


Keeley your my world!!! :)