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Quotes by SmileLove

'If you can dream it,
you can do it.'
- Walt Disney.


Dear Person Copying My Test Paper,



I didn't study either.

It's the simplest words,
that make the most difference.


You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Ever. I'm not just saying that. You genuinely are. You have helped me so much. So much. You make me laugh, smile, happy cry, every single day. You listen to me, don't judge me, and you're always there. You convince me that I don't need to change who I am. You are so amazing, I can't even explain in words. I'll be honest, you have basically changed my life. All the drama, laughs, inside jokes, mean a lot. The little aniversary parties of how long you've been on Witty. Why stop now? You're funny, sweet, kind, loving, trustworthy and so many other adjectives. Being who you are is most important. You have great skills. Like the ability to make people smile. I'm sure everyone agrees with me. You're one of a kind, and we all love you for it.
You're amazing, and you're not even aware of it.

Hannah. (And the rest of Witty.)

i believe in second chances.

i love how witty's supposed to be about venting,
but i'm too scared to actually say what i'm thinking.


She's been spreading rumours and bullying.


apparently this quote has been deleted.

'Hate is a very strong word.'
'Okay, I strongly dislike you.'
Just me?

Be Honest.

Have you ever kissed a stranger? Not yet. ;)
Would you get back with your ex? No.
Who's your best friend? Have too many.
D'you like using shuffle on your iPod? No.
Reason for smiling? People in general.
Pet hates? When people eat loudly.
First Crush? A guy called Joe J.
Favourite Perfume? Not a clueeeee.
Are you tidy? No. Way.
What time did you go to sleep last night? Uhm, 23:13.
Are you supposed to be doing something? Not really.
What are you waiting for? People.
What's the last song you listened to? Beautiful People.
Most embarassing moment? Too many.
Sibilings? One sisterrrrrr.
Middle name/s? Sophie Alice.
D'you like school? Suppose so.
Favourite singer/rapper? One Direction, The Fray etc.
What time is it? 13:44.
Favourite websites? Witty, Twitter, Unfriendable, Jello Time, Llama Font, etc. Hah.
Worst moment in your life? Erm. Don't know.
Last illness? Cold.
Best memory? I have a lot.
Favourite book? The Hunger Games.
Favourite movie? The Hunger Games.
Lucky Number? 17.
Favourite Drink? Jungle Juice.
Attitude to life? Live it.
Favourite brand of clothes? Hollister or Jack Wills.
Favourite place in the world? Texas.
Place you want to go? New Jersey.
Favourite color? Purple.
Colour of walls? Purple.
What did you eat last? Toast.
Favourite sport? Hockey.
Favourite subject? Drama.
Birthday? August 17th.
Star sign? Leo.
Killed anyone? If it was legal.
Favourite smell? Vanilla.
Violent moment? Drew on my friend during a debate.
Broken a bone? Ankle.
Did you answer all of this truthfully? Yeeeeeees.