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16 years young :)
Jesse McCartney is ahh-mazing :)
Love his music he's my favorite singer <3
I love the broken up boy band Dream Street :)
:}) Mustaches make things a whole lot cooler :})
I have never been in Love, but i'm glad about that :)
I love Candy and Music and My Friends <3
Im absolutely random and thats what makes me awesome <3 

Team Switzerland
Im living Life to the Fullest <3 



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Quotes by SmileyAly101

Today is Jesse McCartney's birthday he if officially 24, can i please get 24 faves? :D

Ok can you all explain to me why you hate Justin Bieber so much?

and no your answer cant be....

"He's Gay" because than your not for gay rights and your pretty much saying you hate anyone who is gay

"He Cant Sing" hello half the people out on the planet cant sing well, doesnt mean you can hate him for that

"He looks like a girl" its not about looks its about whats on the inside

"His hair looks like a mop" its just hair, thats not the most important thing

"He has no talent" well seeing that he has a lot more talented than half the people on the planet...

so explain to me why you hate him again?

sorry people are just starting to get on my nerves

messing your hair up
thinking you look hot like those girls in music videos
checking the mirror and realizing you look like you just got
ran over by a truck

Dear Icebergs,

 Sorry to hear about the global warming. Karma's the real deal.

Sincerely,The Titanic.

      Not Mine                                   

All of us girls have that one celebrity that we want to marry....

 so fave if the celebrity is atleast 8 years older than you

comment if the celebrity is around your age and say who the celebrity is :)


I'm Scared
I'm scared to grow up
I'm 15 years old and i only have two years left of highschool
I dont even know what i want to be when i get older
I dont know what i am going to do with my Life
I'm scared to grow up I'm not ready


your falling, gotta stop falling

if RAWR means I Love You
does MEOW mean I Like You?
oh wait...... a Dinosaur cant Meow
 but if it could that would be pretty cool :D


I'm sitting here in my room on a Saturday night

wrapped up in a blanket

with the smell of holiday candles lit around my room

and watching every single Degrassi episode since season one :)


As they say Curiosity killed the cat
and now you must waste one of your faves
on this boring old quote
for being so curious as to why it was blank :)