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                                                       I'm In Love...
   Whit My Crazy, Beautiful

Name Be:Judith!
Nickname: Smiley'!':DD
Started Lightning Candles And Getting Presents On: Sep, 22!
Age: 13
Live: In Houstone Texas!!
Best Friends Would Be: Ana, Kimberly, Jeisel, Kelly, Marisol, And, Dora!!'♥
Walk Tha Hallways Of Stovall MIdd School!!'

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t h e  l o n g e r  y o u ' r e  s i n g l e ,

the more you think somethings wrong with you


                                Sometimes I... 
                       Wish I Was Small Again
                 Skinned Knees Are Better Than a...
                                    Broken Heart!
Your Heart Is On The Left.. But It's Always Right!'♥
Lifee Isin't About Waiting For The Storm To Pass...

It's About Learning To Dance In The Rain!'♥';]

Life Was Easier:

When Boys Had Cutties'<33':DD