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Hi I'm Kelly and that's really all you need to know, if you wanna be friends with me (please)))!!!! Follow me on Instagram- kellsalomon or twitter- kell_ogggs idc so yeah I have a boyf finally and he's perf and tbh I'd rather be playing volleyball than anything else kpeace If you ever need to vent or just wanna talk or want a new friend hmu 2404180936 please I promise I'm really nice I'm a good listener xoxo.

Quotes by SmokedSalmon

Reading old messages with him <<<<<


No one has ever stayed 
As long as you
have. once you left, i dont know what to do


I came to a conclusion that you are the biggest tool ever and I never want to have any way of communication with you ever again.

"D o n ' t  c h a s  e   a n y t h i n g ,
Except your dreams."
What if he is my dream?



Everything is not; 
What it seems.


Not getting tan lines!


When a guy doesnt talk to you, its not becuase he's ignoring you. It's because the more he talks to you, the more he misses you. so dont take it personally. feel loved when he doesnt text you. because either way you're on his mind 24/7. 


How do you get a Kleenex to dance?

 Put a little boogy in it!




Stop thinking of what you could do wrong,

and start thinking of what you could do right