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Hi!:) The Name Is Karina!
I Love My Friends and Family!:)
I Hope You Like My Quotes.
My Favorite Color Is Orange.
I Listen to Nicki Minaj,Eminem,Lil Wayne,Drake,Etc.
I Love Aeropostale!:D
^That's Me Up There  =)
And I LOVE Witty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Quotes by SnickersK

im just and ordinary girl

sometimes im lazy,

I get bored,  I get scared,

I feel ignored.


I Asked My Friend What IDK Stands
For, She Said,

'I Dont Know'

Damnt, No One Knows!(:

baby you my everything

You all i ever wanted ♥


Today Is My Birthday!
And I Dont faves,
i just want someone to wish me a happybirthday for the bottom of their heart.


So Im Moving On
Letting Go

Holding On Tomorow
Ive Always Got
The Memories
While Im Finding Out Who
Im Gonna

I Love That Moment

When I Look Up And Catch

  You Staring At Me.




Not Because You Have To.
But Because You Deserve To.

Tell The Devil I Said "Hey"
When You Get Back
To Where Your From.

*not my format.!