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Hi!:) The Name Is Karina!
I Love My Friends and Family!:)
I Hope You Like My Quotes.
My Favorite Color Is Orange.
I Listen to Nicki Minaj,Eminem,Lil Wayne,Drake,Etc.
I Love Aeropostale!:D
^That's Me Up There  =)
And I LOVE Witty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Quotes by SnickersK

Hahahahahahaha \\
Oh No One Else Is Laughing.....

* Awkward*♥♥♥

font not mine.

And I Still Laugh...;
When Ketchup Bottles Fart!

She's Not Perfect...
 Neither Is He...
But Together..

They Just Might Be.

not my format

Me Without You Is Like:
A Nerd
Without Braces
Without Laces
A Desk Without A Seat
Socks Without Feet
A Heart Missing It's Beat
Mickey Without Minnie
Spongebob Without Patrick
Piglet Without Pooh.
But Most Importantly,
Me Without You?

Not Mine.

Did You Know That 
I Always Think About You?



Oh No Call The Police

that boy stole my heart


You Make Me Laugh

When I Dont Even Want To Smile 


When You Get Caught Looking At Him,

Remember He Was Looking Back. 

I Was Upset When I Saw
You With Her.....

then laughed because she's ugly!


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