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in joy & sorrow.
Hey there. I can be boring time to time. I'm not an exicting person to be blunt. Witty is like my diary, so I expect you to repsect it. Please~ and I also dont like jockers too, annoying things.
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Quotes by SnowWhite

Be Grateful Today.
Be so
grateful that you are not in countries in
the Middle East where people are getting
for believing in a free world. Be grateful you aren't
in Japan right now having to deal with the awful
aftermath of the
horrific earthquake and tsunami
or in the other countries affected by the natural disasters.
But if you're in those countries going through a lot today,
thoughts and deepest prayers are with you! People
complain about how awful their lives and we pay
attention to
trivial things in the media today when
we should be paying attention to real people in danger
and real heroes in the world. So think about your
life and be grateful today. God Bless. :)
Don't Be A Drag,
just be a
queen! Whether you're broke or
evergreen. You're black, white, beige, chola

descent, you're  Lebanese, you're orient

Whether life's
disabilities left you outcast,

bullied, or
! Rejoice and love yourself
today 'cause, baby you were

Born This Way!
Although it's been years
since I had my
 first real
 crush and I'm 
over him, I still like to

think "
what if?"

"there  can  be
miracles  when  you  believeThough
hope  is
  frail,  it's  hard  to  kill!  Who
knows  miracles  you  can  achieve
when  you
 believe.  Somehow  you
will , you  will  when  you


When You Believe-Prince of Egypt.

There’s that

That sometimes brutally overcomes you
and kind of
takes over your mind for a while.
You don’t know what it is or how to describe how
feeling. But the only thing that helps repair
your heart is the blaring sound of an artist’s true words
And the
melodies that cure the pain.

"When delicate and feeling souls
are separated, there is not a feature
in the sky, not a movement of the elements,
not an 
 aspiration of the breeze, but hints
some cause for a lover's apprehension."
William Shakespeare
Its one of the
hardest thing to tell someone
how you really feel and they don’t
say anything. That bit of silence

completely kills you.
{Secret: #87}
I sometimes wish I was dating a boy
who has been through
hell and back,
and try to h e l p him
{recover}. So I could

have someone to love and feel like I'm
really making a
difference in someone's l.i.f.e.
"If you don't like me,
remember that it's
mind over matter.
I don't mind and you don't matter."

Dr. Suess
{t h i s  b e a t  i s  s i c k}
I wanna take a ride on
Quidditch Stick!