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Heey : ) The Names Ashley Nicole. i Love my life & NUTHING can change that. Cough Haters Cough. Christiano Ronaldo & Taylor Lautner are the hottest things to walk on this earth :D i Love my babe Chris Marocco  with my whole heart♥
i Love my girls that are in my likes right over there >>>>
Greggy is my besst friend/tiger & he always will be ! i Love you greg ♥ Well theres not much to my lifee... advice anyone ? Comment & ill give it to ya : )
k. bye ♥
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Likes :D
Drake; Amy Zallo; Stef Ferrari; Sabrina Volpicella; Danii Barna;  Love: Laughing
Dislikes D:
Bitches; Whores; Haters; Jockers; Crying; Fighting; Heart Break <|3
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Alriight,, i was hacked ! So if there are any jocked qoutes of yours please leave me a comment so i can delete them && tell the peoplee whoo favorited too favortie yur qoutes ! Oh && ill tell the to follow you !

Alriight this isnt pretty but,,,,,

30 days, 30 letter
Day 8 - Favorite Internet Friend

Dear IDK,

I relly dont have an internet friend : ( it kinda upsets me. lol. but im open for an internet friends if anyone wuld lyke one :D lol 


30 days, 30 letter
Day 7 - Love

Dear Chris,

I already wrote yu a letter down there vv so go read that one 


30 days, 30 letter
Day 6 - A Stranger

Dear Stranger ,

Hello There  Stranger ♥ I wanted to say that if yur stalkin me id be pretty scared... & im not writin this to any random stranger its one pasific ( idk how to spell it ) person. K. Bye 


30 days, 30 letter
Day 5 - Your Dreams

Dear Dreams ,

I really dont get why i havta to write to my dreams. But please stop dreaming about him ! Cuz when i wake up he never acts like i wish he wuld ! Its like he doesnt know me !


30 days, 30 letter
Day 4 - Your Closest Sibling

Dear Nicky ,

Hey Buddy ! I could never ask for a better brother the you. I mean your only 7 but yu understand me... & i can tell yu anything even though you may not understand everythin im saying. Yur always there for me even if im crying. Yur the best bro eva
Love your Sister


30 days, 30 letter
Day 3 - Your Parents

Dear Ma & Papi,

Sorry i cause problems. i know you love me for my perfect im perfections but somtimes i feel like i let you guys down. i love you guys but somtimes i feel like i cant tell you much cuz i get scared ill get yelled at. Oh & im sorry for fighting with you guys & my brothers
Love your Daughter


30 days, 30 letter
Day 2 - Your Crush

Dear Chris, 

Babe you mean the world to me ♥ No one can replace you in my heart. I love the way your completly honest with me & you always believe me. I love how your always there for me when i need you. I always think when we talk because i wonder how i ever got someone like you. Your perfectly perfect for me :D iloveyou
Your Babe, 
Ashleeey ♥

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