Status: they tell me stop cause it is bad for me I say its what I deserve.
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Hey Whats up guys. Im Izzy im in grade 8 and play the baritone saxophone, alto saxophone. I love to write songs and stories so read om sometime maybe. i can be just a little crazy but in a good way (i hope) message me if you have any problems ill try to help. I am shy at first but will open up quickly I like fluffy things and sparkles. I'm the oldest of two and am currently single ;)follow me I will follow back bai now ps i love sweet quotes/and guys

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Can     make     each     other     whole     again     ..
This quote does not exist.

have you ever just cried because you’re you


I wonder what song will get released this year that goes viral and comes so annoying you want to stab a couch whenever you hear it

Everyone wants to go to heaven,
But no one wants to die.

I asked my brother for a glass of water,
he brought me back a glass of ice and said "wait"

          You know there's a book written about you?
          Yeah it's called Horton hears a BîTCH ÅSS LITTLE LIAR

Single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive.
me: you don't want to date me...
me: *chuckles*
me: *slides money across the table*
me: how about now