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Life comes at you fast. If you dont stop and look aroud, you might miss it.... '` your still my one in a million.

Quotes by SoccerBabe804

You might regeret what you do. . .
*But you'll regret what you DONT do much more

^verii true
It's just the feeling you get…
knowing you are that special
girl in his life…and then you
find out your not the only one...
i promise to love you
f o r e v e r..
if u'd jus give me a
c h a n c e..*
*nOt heRe
gimmie a rInG!

homE > (number)
celL > (number)
the only guy that deserves to have
you, is the one that thinks he doesnt
"A gun cant kill someone. A stupid guy with a gun can"

--Money Talks
i wish just one sorry from you took all the pain away...

-but i guess it doesnt, and never will.

--arial size 8
*put sorry, doesnt
and never will in bold*
'aye..noT heRe right now..
call mah digits if u no dem
if u dont then call sum1 else

much love :+: (your name here) :+:
why don't you try being the girl
who has to wonder why all the ppL
she loves.. don't love her back?

--Dawson's Creek