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Quotes by SoccerXolree12

If her mom still does her hair,
s h e ' s t o o y o u n g f o r y o u b r o !

You are beautiful
Black, white, gay, bisexual. 
Whether you are smart or quiet or impossibly in love with your bestfriend<3
someone out there cherishes your smile
and gets butterflies when you walk into a room.

Someone out there can't stop thinking about you.
You Are Beautiful.
Don't ever believe differently.


"Dude she just called you fat"
"HELL NO!!! hold my...hahahahah just kidding
i ain't gunna give you my hamburger

That awkward moment...
When there's a hole in your sock
and your toe is sticking out

"Dude, she just called you lazy
"Go tell her I'm not"




Love is like a game of tetris, you can never
 fit all the peices together.


But you h ave so much
BBut Bbut B
fun before it ends :)
Dude, she just called you obessive
Oh hell no, hold my boyfriend-tracker
Dude,    she   just   cal led   you   Indian    

Oh hell no, hold my moccasi ns
 People always ask me, "Do you still like him?" The only thing I can really say is,
"It's like a first love never dies kinda thing.."